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The Story

Join the Community and Play Code:Red

CODE:Red is a week-long, digital alternate reality game taking place across the internet and across the globe. CODE:Red players will connect together in an online community to receive clues, discuss solutions and collaborate to complete the secret mission at the heart of the game. Do you want to connect with others in the Red Cross Red Crescent network to solve the CODE:Red mystery?

The goal

It’s your Climate Crisis

The game is centred around the climate crisis, and through participating, players get to give their own thoughts and perspectives on how climate change has manifested in their local context, and how they feel the Red Cross and Red Crescent should tackle it – while decoding cryptic messages and unlocking new pieces of the puzzle to unravel an intriguing mystery… Get ready – CODE:Red starts on October 4th, and you are all invited to play! You can play as an individual or you can form your own team and compete against others from around the world.